What is meant by composing. This is quite easy to make a picture of several other pictures and or to provide them with self-generated elements.

Photoshop is a great program for editing pictures, you can give pictures life. The problem is only if you have Photoshop on the computer, it kills a first time. Although you can use some standard functions but so really does not come so clear. You can now go to the VHS, because there are some Photoshop courses offered. But you can also bring it yourself. At Ebay or Amazon you can buy tutorials for Photoshop. There films are shown which explain everything bit by bit. You can also do it now because the matching files are all on the DVD. The tutorials cost so new to the 40-50 euros but you will also find them needed for a fraction in the bay. Look at Ebay and look for Photoshop and Video2Brain. You will definitely find something.

Even if you have CS6 or Photoshop installed 6, it is also worth the instructions of the previous versions to buy for little money, because the learning examples are sometimes different and you get them for about 10 €. Then there are Photoshop for photographers, here is more on its needs. For the interest in image editing, it is definitely worth it if he is a beginner.

Here I have a quick release a leather girl and erased the head what you can do with it you see under Leather Girl Composing.