Solution for the memory problem of pictures for traveling or during the holidays


Who does not know it? One is on photo tour / on vacation and suddenly the memory card is full. You can now take x memory cards or transfer the contents of the memory cards to a laptop. A laptop is big and heavy. I used to buy a photo tank for something like that in the beginning. This had a hard drive 80 GB, a battery and a card reader installed. There you simply put the memory card in the cardreader pressed a button and all the data was transferred to the hard drive, the thing was about the size of 2 packs of cigarettes. But today it looks very different. These photo tanks are hard to come by with large storage capacity. It currently looks quite different with me.

1. The photo tank has long been broken, because the battery broke.
2. What do I want today with 80 GB, that's nothing for today's required data volume

So I dragged for many years then some memory cards with me whose data I then dubbed in the accommodation on the laptop. When they were full on the way, I was unlucky and could not take pictures anymore.

Today in the age of smartphones and tablets, there is a very elegant solution to the problem.
All required parts are very light and small.

- First you need a smartphone or a tablet (I take my Samsung Galaxy S10)

All other required parts you can buy at Amazon.

- then you need a USB hub. I use here the:

Dodocool USB C Hub, 7 in 1 USB C Adapter with HDMI, SD / Micro SD Card Reader, USB-C Charging Port, 3 USB 3.0 Ports for MacBook Pro / Air, Chromebook, Samsung S8 / S9 / S10, Huawei Mate 10/20 / P20 etc.



- further you need a Powerbank for power (I use a Gnceei Powerbank 25000mAh with which you can also charge the smartphone wirelessly)



- Furthermore, a storage medium I have here for the SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD external hard drive decided because it is very small 95 x 45 x 7 mm, because it is not a mechanical thing that can break and because it requires less power than a mechanical hard drive. They are available in different sizes up to 2 TB. Of course, this also works with larger mechanical hard drives. They need more power and then it is likely that you still need a USB power Y cable.


you should now use other memory cards as SD or Micro SD cards you need a card reader. If he does not work it's because he does not get enough power. In that case you will need a USB power Y cable connected to the hub and power bank. Then the power bank supplies the necessary power.

To copy or move the data you still need a good file manager for your phone / tab. For example, the Windows Commander for Handy / Tab or the ES Manager.