Over time, some lenses have accumulated.


Nikon AF lenses with VR (image stabilizer)

Nikon Nikkor AF-S DX VR 18-200mm F/3.5-5.6 G IF-ED

Nikon Nikkor AF-S DX VR 18-200  F/3.5-5.6 G IF-ED

The Nikon Nikkor AF-S DX VR 18-200mm F / 3.5-5.6G IF-ED is basically the one I use most of the time and always on it. You have every focal length you usually needed immediately Parat. It is often laughed at in the forums. Of course it is not a fixed focal length lens which gives much better quality, but the 2.8mm fixed focal length or z. a lens from Nikon in about 28-70 with a brightness of 2.8 and VR proposes just new with well over 2000 euros to book. For the second body, I also have it with the TAMRON 18-270 / 3.5-6.3 DI II VC PZD tried but on the spot more. With Photoshop can eliminate the distortion including the light fall to the edge.


Nikon Nikkor AF-S DX 55-300mm F4.5-5.6 G ED VR

Nikon Nikkor AF-S DX 55-300mm F4.5-5.6 G ED VR

The Nikon AF-S DX 55-300mm F4.5-5.6G ED VR is a low-cost ultrazoom for the Nikon with good picture quality at short and medium focal length, which increases even further when fading. At 300 millimeters, the contrast at aperture 11 breaks somewhat. It is also suitable as an always on lens if you do not often need the wide-angle range. If you do not want to spend so much money and do not need the best of the best, then the objective is good in the race.


Nikon Nikkor AF-S VR 70-200mm F/2.8G IF ED


The Nikon Nikkor AF-S VR 70-200mm F / 2.8G IF ED is now outdated by newer models. But it is still one of Nikon's best lenses. The lens is expensive, but I have never regretted the purchase. It is a must have for any somewhat ambitious photo friend.


Nikon Nikkor AF VR 80-400mm F/4.5-5.6 ED D

Nikon Nikkor AF VR 80-400  F/4.5-5.6 ED D

The Nikon Nikkor AF VR 80-400mm F / 4.5-5.6 ED D is in my version with rod drive already outdated. But when I bought it there was not the new version with built-in engine yet. For what I'm scanning the lens is enough for me completely, I do not necessarily need an ultra fast autofocus. That's why I kept it and did not replace it with the new version. It is suitable e.g. super good for shooting in the zoo where the animals are far away such. in the zoo Gelsenkirchen. Since in most situations, the 80-400 was more appropriate than the 70-200.


Nikon AF Lenses without VR (Image Stabilizer)

 Nikon Nikkor AF 50 mm F/1.8 D

Nikon Nikkor AF 50 mm  F/1.8  D

What should I say a standard lens what you should have


Nikon Nikkor AF 70-210mm F/4-5.6 D

Nikon Nikkor AF 70-210  F/4-5.6  D (Macro)

I still have the lens from my early days with Nikon. It makes great shots why should I give it away then. Of course, the 70-200 2.8 is better for lengths but also much more expensive.


Nikon Nikkor AF 35-70mm F/3.3-4.5 (Macro)*

Nikon Nikkor AF 35-70  F/3.3-4.5

This is the standard wide-angle zoom from earlier times when I started with the F801s (analog).


Nikon Nikkor AF 28-80mm F/3.5-5.6 D

Nikon Nikkor AF 28-80  F/3.5-5.6 D

The Nikon Nikkor AF 28-80mm F / 3.5-5.6 D dates back to the early days of my digital photography, replacing the 35-70 for Digital.


Nikon Nikkor AF 35-135mm F/3.5-4.5 (Macro)*

Nikon Nikkor AF 35-135  F/3.5-4.5


* At Nikon, the Macro is like other companies not to the name of the lens, but everywhere where in brackets Macro stands behind the lens has a Macrofunktion.

The Nikon Nikkor AF 35-135mm F / 3.5-4.5 (Macro) I like to use for macro shots it is an old lens. Who does not need a fast autofocus (rod drive) gets with the part a good all round lens.



Tamron AF Lens:

TAMRON 18-270/3,5-6,3 DI II VC PZD


The TAMRON 18-270 / 3.5-6.3 DI II VC PZD, it was praised in the trade press when it came out that was the reason why I bought it for the second body. I was quite disappointed with the lens. The light falls from the center to the outside very clearly. The effect is clearly visible at the corners. I have not sold the lens because I bought it very cheap about 260 euros. And as always on the D300S it does its job. Again, I would not buy it.

Tamron 18-400mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD

tamron18 400

After not being so happy with the Tamron 18-270, I decided to try the 18-400. If I tested the lens I would write a few words about it. Basically the NIKKOR AF-S DX 18-300 mm 1: 3.5-5.6G ED VR was my Faorit, this is indeed more light senitiv but has 100mm less focal, and costs about twice. The 400mm focal length as always up Lens had already a magical charm. I succumbed to that now.


Sigma AF Lenses:


Sigma 28-70mm F/2.8 EX DG D

Sigma 28-70  F/2.8 EX DG D

The Sigma 28-70mm F / 2.8 EX DG D was one of Sigma's best lenses of his time. Of course it is obsolete today in terms of Autofocus quicknes because it has no built-in motor but also rod drive. But that does not make it bad, it still delivers sharp photos.


Sigma 28-200mm f/3.5-5.6 D Aspherical

Sigma 28-200mm f/3.5-5.6 D Aspherical


Sigma 28-80mm F/3.5-5.6 Aspherical Macro

Sigma 28-80  F/3.5-5.6  Aspherical  Macro


Sigma 400mm F/5.6 APO

Sigma 400mm  F/5.6 APO


Sigma 70-210mm F/3.5-4.5 APO

Sigma 70-210  F/ 3.5-4.5 APO


Sigma 70-210mm F/4-5.6 UC Macro

Sigma 70-210 F/4-5.6 UC Macro

Tokina AF

Tokina SD 12-24mm F/4 AT-X PRO II DX


Tokina SD 12-24  F/4 AT-X PRO II DX

I bought the Tokina SD 12-24mm F / 4 AT-X PRO II DX because I was not ready for a 2.8mm wide-angle zoom from Nikon (AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm 1: 2,8E ED) about 1700 To pay Euro. The Nikon wide angle is not there any more, it has been replaced by the AF-S NIKKOR 24-70 mm 1: 2,8E ED VR and beats now with about 2400 euros to book. The Tokina is very good and was then recommended even if you did not have the money for a AF-S NIKKOR 24-70 mm 1: 2,8E ED or wanted to give. The Tokina is now available in a slightly different version than AT-X 12-28 PRO DX F4 but it is also available again as AT-X 11-20 F2.8 PRO DX. The price of the 2.8er new version, with around 500 euros is quite cheap. Currently I would grab the Tokina 14-20mm f / 2.0 AT-X DX Nikon DX. The Nikon does have VR, but who needs VR in the focal area? One should also have a separate view of the light intensity of the Tokina judge over the whole focal length with 2.0 goes. The Nikon beats with about 2400 euros to book the Tokina with about 750 euros.


Tokina AT-X 107 DX Fisheye  (10-17mm F3.5-4.5)


Such a fisheye is a lens which is usually less used, but you can really get great effects with it. I have long considered what I should do my first choice was basically the Nikon AF-S Fisheye Nikkor 8-15mm f3.5-4.5 ED but that would have new with about 1300-1400 euros (as of 05/2018) too Beech beaten. Normally I prefer original Nikon lenses but here the cost-benefit idea won. I have used the lens in original box with warranty card as a year old lens for 250 euros. The new price for this lens is about 460 Euro (as of 05/2018). The seller said he only used the part 3x and spent the rest of the time in the closet. But if you like to do something with this fisheye effect you should not miss such a lens. However, you need something like I already wrote rarely and there it was just too much about 1300 euros to sink.


Tokina 35-70mm F/3.5-4.6 (Macro)

Tokina 35-70  F/3.5-4.6

An heirloom from my dad I do not use it.


From here come old non AF lenses, which I do not want to comment on is absolutely not up to date anymore.


Schneider Lens for Retina III

Schneider 35mm



Schneider 50mm



Canon FD 50mm  F1.8



Canon FD 70-210mm F3.5-4.5



 Canon FD 35-70mm F4