Beauty retouching


What can beauty retouch in Photoshop? In the magazines you can always see such great glossy photos with the greatest people. But do they really look that way?

I think only in the rarest cases. Here I have brought 3 pictures and posted on the net that you can really see what is possible with image editing on humans.

As an example, of course, had to hold my wife again.


The first image is the raw data file without the image having passed through a photo engine. The picture next to it after editing with Photoshop and after beauty retouching. I deliberately made it very blatant.


Is quite a stark difference to see. Now I put it on top and let the last picture go through a Portrais program. You can do it that way, but you can do it with Gaussian Blur.



Just turned the life clock from 55 years to 25 years. :-)